Interactive Speaker

Yves leads the  Access & Economic Policies team we focus on European legislative and research initiatives in fields as  procurement, health technology assessment, evidence generation representing the medtech industry view and  deploying own initiatives striving to have a timely access for medical technologies and solutions and have these appropriately used and rewarded.

Yves has an applied science and engineering background with further education in Business administration and health economics. Yves considers the area of medical technologies which transfers the engineering world into something as good and valuable as health, a pre-requisite  for well-being and happiness, a great motivator.

Together with the team his focus is not only on the health issue challenges but also to the health system challenges, to offer best care and to do this without waste, inefficiency, complication and see this incorporated into the policies when assessing medical technology. This supports a change to a value-based model of access and awarding of new medical technology value propositions.

In the  medtech industry Yves has expertise in the field of clinical engineering, first in human studies, clinical and health economic outcomes trials and analysis, reimbursement, and then, after moving to MedTech Europe,  with a focus on policies and advancing the medtech access model striving to a value-based access model, and having the appropriate instruments in place to award and reward the value of medical technology.