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Keynote: view from the regulators

GMTCC Ask the Experts Summary

  • Summaries of the table discussions that took place during the Ask the Experts session     View presentation

Life with diabetes and digital health: about connections, data and control

  • Leo LEWIS, Senior Fellow and Head of Research and Development, Integrated Care Foundation
  • Claus NIELSEN, Co-founder, Data for Good Foundation     View presentation

Make it your trade deal

  • Trevor GUNN, Vice-President International Relations, Medtronic
  • Christian CLARUS, Director Government Affairs
  • Géraldine EMBERGER, Consistency Officer for FTA Implementation, DG Trade – Trade Strategy and Market Access     View presentation
  • Jérôme SICAIRE, DG Trade – Market Access, Industry, Energy and Raw Materials

Will the future EU HTA cooperation respond to countries’ needs and impact access to medical technologies ?

  • Jessica IMBERT, Manager Market Access and Economic Policies, MedTech Europe     View presentation
  • Hannah Bruehl, Projektgruppe Nutzenbewertung von Gesundheitstechnologien, German Ministry of Health
  • Adrian GRIFFIN, VP, HTA and Market Access Policy, Johnson & Johnson
  • Mirella MARLOW, Programme Director – Centre for Health Technology Evaluation, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

The digital transformation of healthcare : managing the change

  • Petra WILSON, European Director, Personal Connected Health Alliance
  • Joan CORNET PRAT, Director of Digital Health Observatory, ECHAlliance     View presentation
  • André HEINZ, Head of global Human Resources, Siemens Healthineers     View presentation
  • Sebastien STOITZNER, CEO, Gensearch

The HealthTech Translation Advisory Board

Monetizing innovation in MedTech – Capturing the full offer value in a new era

  • Joerg KRUETTEN, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Board Member, Simon-Kucher     View presentation
  • Maria RUIZ-ESCRIBANO, Commercial Excellence Manager, Boston Scientific

HCP Engagement Best Practices in the age of increasing globalization, regulation and data privacy

  • Ben CARMEL, Global Head of Business Development, IQVIA     View presentation
  • Chris VAN BRONCKHORST, Head of Go-TO-Market Europe & Asia, IQVIA

Value : driver of change in healthcare

  • Ingmar DE GOOIJER, healthcare industry observer
  • Andrzej RYS, Health Systems and Medical products and Innovation Director, DG Sante, European Commission
  • Alba VERGESI BOSCH, Minister of Health, Ministry of Health, Catalunya
  • Michael VAN DEN BERG, Policy Analyst, Health     View presentation

MedTech and Value : will value-based procurement become a reality ?

  • Yves VERBOVEN, Director Market Access and Economic Policies, MedTech Europe     View presentation
  • Götz GERECKE, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • Hans BAX, Senior Avisor, MEAT Value-Based Procurement

Genomic testing and personalised medicine

  • Patrick KORMAN, VP International, General Manager France, Myriad     View presentation
  • Antoine DISSET, Head of Market Access, Genomic Health
  • Marie DEHEM, Agendia
  • Olivier PERCHE, Project Manager, Roche

MedTech Opportunities in the Paris Region – Let’s meet the local players

  • Agathe ARLOTTI, Healthcare Innovation Project Leader, Medicen
  • Laurent PONCE, Business Developement Manager     View presentation
  • Agathe ARLOTTI, Healthcare Innovation Project Leader, Medicen.    View presentation
  • Elodie BRIENT-LITZLER, Head of Innovation Development, Technologies for life sciences and MedTech, Institut Pasteur.    View presentation
  • José DA COSTA, Commercial Director, Institut Carnot INTERFACES
  • Daniel SZEFTEL, CEO, Semeia.    View presentation
  • An NGUYEN-DINH, CEO, Cairdac
  • Nicolas MIGNAN, CEO, Virtuali Surg
  • Antoine DENIS, Director of development and innovation in healthcare, Microsoft
  • Florent SURUGUE, DIrector of SMEs and economical development.    View presentation

New business models for digital health : a look at value

  • Nick GULDEMOND, Associate Professor Integrated Care and Technology, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management Erasmus University
  • Lucile BLAISE, Vice president, Western Europe, ResMed.    View presentation
  • Matt SCHEITLIN, Partner, ZS
  • Agnès SIMON, Senior Business Director EMEA, Medtronic Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics

Global Trends and Regulatory Changes impacting MedTech sector in US and Asia

  • Ingmar DE GOOIJER, healthcare industry observer
  • Ivy TEH, Global Managing Director, EIU Healthcare     View presentation

IVDR : Hungry for data

  • Volker FRANZEN, Senior Director Regulatory and Governmental Affairs – QIAGEN, Co-chair Clinical Evidence Working Group (IVD) – MedTech Europe
  • Peter ROSE, Managing Director, Europe, Maetrics     View presentation
  • David EGBOSIMBA, Solutions Delivery Manager, Maetrics

Advancing digital health in Europe’s regions : vision, leadership, investment

  • Micahel STRÜBIN, Director Digital Health, MedTech Europe
  • Werner LEODOLTER, Prof, KAGES
  • Mette HARBO, IT-executive, City of Copenhagen     View presentation
  • Marco MARSELLA, Head of Unit for eHealth, Well-being and Ageing, DG CNECT     View presentation

Innovative Payment Schemes : an alternative funding for MedTech

  • Ernesto NOGUEIRA, Managing Director, ValueConnected     View presentation
  • Ben MODLEY, Director of Operations, ValueConnected

Brexit is real

  • Jesus RUEDA RODRIGUEZ, Director International Affairs, MedTech Europe
  • David LUFF, Partner, Appleton Luff     View presentation
  • Christian CLARUS, Director Government Affairs, B.Braun Melsungen AG
  • Mark LLOYD DAVIES, Senior Director, Government Affairs & Policy, Medical Devices EMEA, Johnson & Johnson Western Markets Lead, Johnson & Johnson

New Horizons in Value Driven Procurement, will the EU accelerate change ?

  • João PEREIRA DA COSTA, Legal & Compliance Counsel III, Legal EMEA, Medtronic Portugal
  • Virginie DOR, Partner, CMS DeBacker     View presentation
  • Carmen LAPLAZA SANTOS, Deputy Head of Innovative and Personalised Medicine Unit, European Commission
  • Götz GERECKE, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Cybersecurity and healthcare : blockchain and other answers

  • Alain MERLE, Strategic Marketing Manager Security, CEA Leti
  • Ain AAVIKSOO, Chief Medical Officer Guardtime Health I General Manager Estonia, Guardtime     View presentation
  • Martina BARTELINK, Former Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Netherlands
  • Marco MARSELLA, Head of Unit for eHealth, Well-being and Ageing, DG CNECT     View presentation