Bert-Arjan Millenaar is founder and CEO of NLC, a healthtech venture builder. He has over eighteen years of experience in business development and growth strategies at KPN, Scarlet, partner of DTG, advising management boards of companies such as Euronext, Toyota, eBay and Amsterdam RAI on strategy.

Three years ago, Bert-Arjan noticed the problems that many inventors face with successfully commercializing their inventions in the field of healthcare. A problem that impedes translation of technological innovations to advancing health worldwide. Driven by the intrinsic desire to advance health, and alongside a partner group with extensive experience in healthcare industry, entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy – NLC was founded to bridge the gap between science and business.

Today, Bert-Arjan leads the dedicated NLC team in building successful ventures together with the inventors to advance health and reduce healthcare costs. To realize the vision of NLC, inventions are thoroughly validated, right team recruited, viable business models developed and sufficient funding is secured to bring the innovation to market as soon as possible. As a resourceful entrepreneur with love for stretching possibilities of an organization, Bert-Arjan steers NLC’s unique business model in a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem to transform healthcare with pioneering innovations.

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