The MedTech Forum, largest health technology industry conference in EU

The MedTech Forum is one of the largest health and medical technology industry conferences
in Europe and a key event since 2007. Join industry leaders, leading innovators and investors to discuss
the future opportunities in the medical technology sector.

Dear partners,

I’m pleased to announce that the MedTech Forum enters a new era in 2018!

At MedTech Europe, the voice of the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and medical devices (MD) industry in Europe, we are reshaping our annual Forum with the ambition to make it ‘THE’ European medical technology event to be at or to be seen at for anyone involved in or with medical technology in Europe.

We also have the objective over the years to multiply by 5 the current number of participants. We will gradually enlarge the program to address a larger variety of topics - from very specialised to very general and from very specific to global but always with a multi stakeholders approach. We will also enlarge the target audience to a broader representation of our industry (which in total employs 650,000 people in Europe), patients, hospital representatives, service providers, suppliers, Scientific Societies, National Associations, policy-makers, Notified Bodies, consultants, Authorities, etc and we will create opportunities for SMEs, startups and investors. Last but not least, we will agglomerate over the years several of MedTech Europe events together.

To achieve our goals, we are working with a new partner – Europa Organisation - well-known and innovative experts in congress organization and development. Together with them, our sponsors, our supporters and the media, we will bring the MedTech Forum to the next level. MedTech Europe will ensure that your investment brings you the best outcome you are looking for.

See you in Brussels on 23-25 January 2018

Serge Bernasconi

Serge Bernasconi
Chief Executive Officer
MedTech Europe

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The Butterfly Effect: when minute changes to our regulatory and payment systems impact the fragile medtech innovation ecosystem

Nadim Yared is President and Chief Executive Officer of CVRx and Chairman of the AdvaMed’s Board of Directors, our sister organisation in the United States.

He is a speaker at the MedTech Forum 2018 and his sessions include: CEO #NOFILTER and The MedTech Europe Code as a Business Enabler, both on Thursday 25th of January.

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Notified Bodies: Into the Mouth of the Wolf?

At long last, the date has arrived.  Organisations who aspire to be Notified Bodies under the European IVD and medical devices regulations can submit their applications as of yesterday, 26 November 2017.  In order for the new regulatory system to function as intended, it is essential that these assessment bodies be up-and-running as early as possible.

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It’s happiness, stupid!

‘Games for Health Europe’ wants to stimulate a paradigm shift in healthcare. Consider happiness as a positive condition for good health instead of the other way around.  In healthcare, patients can be faced with considerable adversity; healthcare professionals sometimes work in challenging conditions and have to cope with difficult decisions. Global healthcare cost is rising steadily; shortage of healthcare professionals tends to turn into a disaster. Drastic transformation is needed. In terms of Richard Layard's happiness economics, patients’ wellbeing has to prevail over sickness. 

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