Speakers 2019

As Director of 3M Corporate Research Systems Laboratory (CRSL), David Frazee leads a Global Research and Development team of over 200 innovators responsible for 3M advanced technology platforms and commercialization solutions including Cloud Services, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Modeling, Advanced Software, Electronic Sensors and Systems, Human Factors and Mechanical Design.

Since joining 3M in 2005, David has held roles as CTO of 3M Health Information Systems (HIS), Vice President and General Manager of 3M Digital Oral Care, Vice President of Digital Systems Technology in Digital Oral Care, and as Director of the SEMS Corporate Research Laboratory. Prior to 3M, he was Vice President of Engineering at Vital Images, Inc., a 3D medical visualization company. He started his career at GE Medical Systems in CT image reconstruction, and then held leadership roles in CT new technology development and managed the Global Software Applications Operations. 

David has a BS in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota State University and a MS in EE/Computer Science from Marquette University.

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