Organised jointly by MedTech Europe and AdvaMed for over a decade, the Global MedTech Compliance Conference (GMTCC) brings together the international healthcare compliance community each year to share ideas and experiences in ways that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the MedTech industry’s critical compliance challenges.

Jointly developed for the medical device and in vitro diagnosis industry, and based on the latest and emerging trends in healthcare compliance, the GMTCC is the most comprehensive meeting for MedTech industry executives, in-house lawyers, compliance experts, international policymakers, and other industry stakeholders focused on European and global compliance issues.

The GMTCC allows for device and IVD industry regulators, compliance professionals, legal counsels, senior executives and industry observers to meet and analyze the major compliance challenges of the day, while they can discuss various approaches to practical management and effective compliance across the world. The key objectives of the conference are:

- Debate, share and solve key healthcare compliance topics and trends
- Encourage global networking and opportunity to meet with leading figures in or related to healthcare compliance as well as key stakeholders and partners of the MedTech industry
- Raise the visibility of the compliance function, including the recognition of leaders in this field
- Advancing policy objectives at global level on industry’s key compliance risks
- Offer a privileged forum for cross-association dialogue and alignment
- Provide latest information and answers to burning issues (e.g. Ask the Experts session)

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